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Class Structure


Paragon Classes can be structured in many different ways, with the original plan being a Three (3) year time period. With a total of nine (9) classes, three (3) classes per year, students are able to experience an elite education that fits their schedule.  But when three classes are taken at time you can finish in 1 year.  This idea of taking three classes at once, about 24 hours a week) is the most popular.  There are also individual advanced and post graduate options to add specialty field.  Classes range from Foundations to Advanced Management and more. Please take a moment to read over our classes for in depth information regarding each class and its instructor.

Class Curriculum

The Curriculum is specific and advanced, but leaves some room for each instructor to access their very own unique and hands on specialties.  There are guests chefs and possible field trips that take them into the industry, intense class lectures, hands on class work, and a variety homework or projects throughout each trimester.

Class Times


Monday - varies 9am-10pm
Tuesday-  varies 9am-10pm
Wednes-  9am-10pm
Thurs-      9am-10pm
Friday- Varies

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Paragon is very flexible with many possibilities to fullfill your every training need.  It is true that almost every student attends in order to become a great chef and restaurateur and therefore takes the FULL CULINARY PROGRAM, but there are also stand alone courses and post graduate courses offered.  The following NINE COURSES make up the FULL CULINARY PROGRAM:


Foundations is a very in depth training process of the basics of starting to work in a kitchen. Students will learn everything from safety and sanitation, to mother sauces, stocks, meat fabricating, plating, and the fundamentals of creating high standards within a kitchen. 

Service and Wine:

Service and wine submerges students into the front of the house of a restaurant. Each student will learn how to properly wait tables and create a memorable experience with their guest. While service is a huge key into running a restaurant, wine training should not be overlooked. Paragons Wine Sommelier takes students throughout the globe within the classroom, exploring wine regions of the world. Students learn how to pair wine to their dishes and personalize each guest experience.


W​orld Cuisine:

This hands on class takes the students on a journey through the world experiencing different cuisines and cultures from Japan, India, France, Italy and more within the class! As students learn about various cuisines, World cuisine class starts to allow each student to find their specific style of cuisine that interest them to further pursue it.


Baking and Pastry:

Students are able to work side by side with the Chef and learn the basics and fundamentals to baking and pastry. From dough's, breads, pastries and more,  each class dives further and further in an artistry of baking.


Adv. Management/Restaurateur-  

Each culinary school is different and unique in its own way. What makes Paragon elite is its versatile training and techniques broadcasted to each and every student. The instructor creates and atmosphere for the students that is easily understandable on how to run and operate a restaurant on the business side. Students not only learn techniques within the kitchen, but also learn the business side to maintain a profit within the field, from food cost, menu management, labor cost and more.


Advanced Cookery/World Cuisine 2- 

Each student now has the basics and fundamentals of a kitchen and business aspects while they are refining their own skills and techniques. In advanced cookery, classes are created around art. Food is instructed in areas of ice carving, fruit sculpting, buffet presentations and composed dishes.


Advanced Pastry-

Advanced baking and pastry is structured to take students further into a more skilled set level of education with pastries. The Chef allows students to learn about sugar sculpting, cake decorating, chocolate work and more. This advanced level of pastries helps each student refine their skills allowing them to become versatile within a kitchen.


Understand the Masters-

Understanding the Masters is a full look into advanced cuisine and remarkable chefs who have left a trademark within the industry such as Paul Bocuse, Daniel Boulud, and Thomas Keller. Students learn how these remarkable chefs achieved this high level of precision and dive into the kitchen learning the chefs skills and techniques that make them so great.


Final Touches-

The last step every student has to accomplish, is their Final Touches class. In this last and final class, students are given the opportunity to shine and show what they have learned in their education with Paragon Culinary School. Final Touches has a total of 7 exams, one of which makes Paragon Culinary School so unique; The 24 Hour Exam. The 24 Hour exam is the last and final exam students must complete and pass prior to graduation. Each student must create a memorable experience for the staff of Paragon and guest judges over a day span including breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


Interested in more information regarding our school? Please download or student manual or contact us!

Download our student manual here!:

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