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Please read some of our Fequently Ask Questions to help better assist you.


Does Paragon offer single classes?

This is very rare.  For the most part, no.  Our Program is meant to teach you all the aspects of the industry and make you a very strong and valuable employee and manager.  Paragon is a Private Elite Culinary School with Nine (9) Trimesters. Three (3) Trimesters per year with a total of 9 classes. Enrolling into Paragon enrolls you into the full program of Nine (9) Courses.  There are some rare exceptions.  Please Inquire.

What is the total tuition?

The total tuition for Paragon is $29,999.00 for all Nine (9) Courses.  Courses can be spread out from 1-3 years.


Can I use my military benefits?

Paragon does accept a variety of military benefits. If an individual is interested in using his/her benefits to enroll, please contact our main office for further information at (719)578-5741 or by email at: or just click button email us!


Do I need previous training to enroll into Paragon?


No previous training is required. We accept individuals who may have previous to little training, but we also accept individuals who have no training what so ever. We ask that all of our students have a serious and true passion for cooking and strive to become the best everyday in attendance.



How long are the classes per week?


Classes meet Monday through Thursday and vary throughout the week.  (Class schedules change per trimester):


Taking One Class (3 year plan) means 8 hours per week.

Doubling up (1.5-2 year plan) means 16 hours per week.

FULL TIME 3 courses per trimester is 24 hours per week.


Does Paragon offer scholarships for high school students?


Yes! Paragon supports FCCLA, Prostart, and Early Colleges and Explorers. Please Contact us regarding our current list of scholarships.


Can I have a job while attending Paragon?


Yes! Paragon is an education that fits your schedule! We understand everyone has needs and we support them, especially when it comes to families and work. Our students are full time students, and able to balance their work, families, and lives with our very unique scheduling within our classes.


Do you offer financial aid?

We have many in house payment plans but no Federal Studetn Aide.  As a private elite culinary school focusing on just Culinary Arts we have no core classes such a english, math ans science, thus not allowing us to fullfill federal requirements and have finacial aid. We do however have in house payment arrangements. Please contact us for more information regarding payment plans!

Still have questions? Please email us! A representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

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