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Paragon is truly unique and a one of a kind education solely from its team of elite chefs. Paragon requires each of it's chefs to have at least ten years of experience within their specific field, as well as an overall expertise in a skill within the kitchen.

With an elite style of cooking, training at Paragon will give individuals a new and modern approach to the meaning of culinary arts. Students have the opportunity to work side by side with their instructors, learning different techniques and skills throughout the kitchen. Acquiring these skills will give you the know how of running and operating a restaurant from our service and wine classes to Advanced management.

What separates Paragon from the rest? Passion, dedication and over all commitment to saving the culinary world, one culinarian at a time. Each instructor strives to impact each student with an intense level of education in each of their classes. Students will learn basic skills and techniques to an advanced level of training such as ice carving, fruit sculpting, advance and more.

Paragon is not for everyone, but for anyone who has a true passion for food, and learning from the best to be the best. Paragon seeks individuals who want to further their career within the industry, and may not have culinary skills but are committed to becoming the best. Paragon is a lifestyle and career of passion.

Nothing but excellence.

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Master Chef Victor Matthews


Master Chef Victor Matthews began his career in the professional kitchen at a small neighborhood pizza joint in 1982.  Over the 40 years since he has won almost every award possible including fifteen competition medals, an ACF Chef of the Year, and four or five stars many times.  In 1997 he was named the youngest four star chef in Louisiana history from the Times Picayune newspaper in his hometown of New Orleans.  That was also the same year he founded his first culinary school, the Culinary Institute of New Orleans.  In 1999, Matthews relocated to Green Mountain Falls to buy and upgrade the 40 year old Black Bear Restaurant.  By 2000 they had four stars and had won the state championship.  

In 2003 they were the only restaurant outside of Denver to receive the coveted 4 stars from the Denver Post, and Chef Matthews had won ten more awards.  To build on this success and the creation of several high school culinary programs, the chef opened Paragon Culinary School in 2004, the state’s first elite private five-star culinary institute. In 2005 he was chosen through a nine month selection process to become the United States Culinary Ambassador, representing American Culinary Arts all over the world. Soon thereafter he also received the honor of World Master Chef from London. In 2010 Chef Matthews started a charity called Restaurant As Mission which helps people escape slavery and poverty worldwide through job training.  Finally, many other projects including the Tava House and Firebrand Restaurant to open in 2024.





Pastry Chefs

Chef Bobby Jackson


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